whatever happened to them making more Hopeless Savages?

I’m so sad this never happened!


1 year ago | 10:34pm
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    OMG HOPELESS SAVAGES ground zero was like my BIBLE when i was 14. you have no idea how long i tried to make ‘hoosky’ a...
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    eeee! excellent news!! :D
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    MORE HOPELESS SAVAGES DUDES. HOW MUCH HAS MY LIFE JUST IMPROVED!?!?! A LOT If you haven’t read these books you need to....
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    For those who don’t know the Hopeless Savages, know this - you should.
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    NEW HOPELESS SAVAGES AAAAH Hopeless Savages has been my absolutely favourite comic since I was a teen, and since I’ve...
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    As it happens, the wonderful Meredith McClaren is hard at work on Break, the 4th volume of Hopeless Savages; the delays...